OWNERS:  Home Renaissance Inc. has been providing property management service since 1996.
We would like to work hard for you so that you won't have to.
Managing a rental property is nearly a 24 hour job, it take a lot of time in and out of your home or place of business,
time you can be spending doing other things that give you peace of mind.  I would like for one day to welcome
you to the Home Renaissance family, where I believe there's no place like home.
Your investment may be a house to you but, it's a home to someone else.

1.  Keeping maintenance cost down.
2.  Renovate entire vacant property so when a tenant moves in the complaints will be minimum
     to none.
3.  Keeping your tenants in the property for a long time by giving good service.
4.  Keeping inspectors off your back.
5.  Knowing and following all housing rules and regulations.
6.  Not paying management companies unnecessary fees.
7.  Finding a good and honest management company.

1.  Keep maintenance cost down by giving you reasonable prices on all repairs.
2.  When we renovate a property we do it from the roof down to the basement to make sure
     everything is in good working order before a new tenant move in.
3.  We give excellent service to our tenants and they stay in our properties.  (Happy tenants will not
     leave and the property will not be vacant and you the client will be satisfied).
4.  When tenants are unhappy with maintenance service they will call inspectors and when
     inspectors come out to evaluate the problems it can cost the owner a lot more than the
     regular repairs.
5.  We are very serious about keeping up with the housing rules and regulations so when a
     tenant has a complaint we are on the site within 24 hours, sooner if an emergency.
6.  Most management companies charge:  a) a 10% additional charge for maintenance repairs
                                                                  over the cost of the contractor.
                                                              b) a cost for advertising.
                                                              c) an account with a $1000.00 or more for repairs.
                                                              d) 24 hours maintenance service.
                                                              e) a cost for going beyond the call of duty.
                                                               f) a cost for going to rent court.
                                                              g) and other cost and expense that leave the owner
                                                                  with none or little profits.
7.  Home Renaissance Inc. is a good and honest company and as a client you have the right to
     ask any questions or get copies of any bills or paper work that concerns your property.

1.  Management Fee
2.  Renting out a vacant property fee.

OTHER CHARGES not from Home Renaissance Inc. are:
1.  Maintenance fees from a reliable contracting company.
2.  Failure to pay rent and eviction court cost.
3.  Lead abatement cost.
4.  Utilities cost (if any).
5.  Attorney cost (only in some cases).

Please call and we can set up an appointment to talk about the many ways to save you time and money by collecting rent payments, repairs to properties, failure to pay rent notice, eviction notice, sit outs and going to rent court, duties you do not have to do because, we will do them for you.  Call 410-696-7616 or                  Be sure to enter your name, property address and Phone number.

Call 410-696-7616 or click e-mail to email us if you are interested to have HRi find a tenant or manage your property. Be sure to enter your Name, Property Address and Phone Number.
A HRi representative will contact you within 24 hours.
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We meassure success one property at a time.
Property Management Company
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On the other hand, someone or some company may be managing your rental property already or as a property owner, you may prefer to manage your rental property yourself, but you and the company need some assistance in finding the right tenant.  Home Renaissance can assist you and the company by advertising your property, showing your property to potential applicants and accepting rental applications for your property. 
We have potential applicants on our waiting list.  We get many calls every day. Give us a call 410-696-7616, email us at management@homerenaissanceinc.com  or click residential to get started. Tell us how we can help you.